Not just another

day at the office on 'No Pants Day'. Imagine what people may do to engage with your brand if you were able to anticipate what has meaning to them.


Marketing is not winning the war on its own. Only by incorporating HR, finance, R&D and more, will it be able to make a difference. We call it marketinc.

Writing good marketing plans is no exclusivity. Keeping them out of drawers is.

We focus on achievable end results as prime target. A plan may be smart, but it’s never so good it needs no amendments along the way.

That’s when you need good intell, diplomacy, fall back scenarios, creativity and a good understanding of execution.

Where ‘marketing’ meets ‘design’. Integrated marketing: marketinc.

Offroad Thinking

Off road thinking is a modeling tool NTCP8 has developed to deliver creative and workable ideas fast. It aggregates a variety of marketing, brainstorming and business modelling frameworks.

NTCP8 uses the offroad framework in house as well as with clients that are interested in looking at their business outside traditional models. It has already successfully delivered radical insights and winning concepts many times.

"Business model innovation will become as important as technological innovation.“
Henry Chesbrough (2011)

“There has never been as much interest in business models as there is today; seven out of 10 companies are trying to create innovative business models, and 98% are modifying existing ones, according to a recent survey.“
Casedesus-Masanell & Ricart (Harvard Business Review, jan-feb/2011)

Brain Map

Brands exist in the minds of their audiences. That is why it is crucial to understand what makes them tick. What makes them like and dislike something? By understanding this, we can influence the way our brand is perceived.

Using a means-end chain analysis and value maps - 'Brain Map' - we can uncover true motivations and rationales of audiences. Like an iceberg, most of it is below the surface, beyond 'what is said'.

Interview techniques, value maps and associative response are some of the formats by which we can show you what your brand needs to positively distinguish its proposition.


Strategies may be well-defined and creative ideas and concepts truly inspiring. Despite this, in the end, everything needs to be brought back to basics in order to activate your brand. NTCP8 successfully connects marketing strategies to final execution, keeping a close eye on results and return on investment.

Plans come together in campaign execution. It is about hard labour and perseverance, focus and attention.

With contingency plans to back us up, we oversee the general idea and result while working with professionals in-house and outside our agency. With state-of-the-art project management tooling and principles.

Our clients’ indepth knowledge of the business is always highly valued and combined with our multiple horizon insights. While activating your brand, we build on success and a long term relationship.

A selection of recent and relevant clients.

NTCP8 is a full-service marketing design agency. Amongst the many disciplines that we deal with on a daily basis, we deliver:


  • Marketing plans
  • Communication plans
  • Product development
  • Internal branding
  • Content generation
  • Pitch support


  • Websites
  • Portals
  • RTB / Display
  • SEP / SEM / SEO
  • Webinars

Point of Purchase

  • Displays
  • Fairs
  • Promo teams
  • Shop concepts


  • Bill boards
  • PR events
  • Guerilla


  • Visual identities
  • Logos
  • Print designs


  • Commercials
  • Mood movies
  • Corporate movies


Many car brands lack long term design vision

Do you too feel some car brands often change car designs so rigorously from one model to another that you start to think they lack an identity, a clear design signature? They do. Read the article.

Brand engagement

At Barnes & Noble bookshops in NY people are actually invited and serviced to sit down and read a book cover to cover. Coffee is available to complete the experience. And no worries being at Starbucks a large part of your day on just two coffees. Even free refills are available.

In Europe we'd ask you to leave if you have no further plans for a purchase. For us, brand engagement indeed is a far better 'conversion point'.

Branding Politics

Lack of public engagement in politics seems to be an issue. But political parties rarely treat their voters as their customers 'who just bought their product'. Imagine if other brands campaigned once every few years and expected getting the most out of that. Isn't it strange?

Credible card?

It’s hard to believe that not one credit card company ever considered that placing a signature on that very tiny strip is basically undoable? We know an unsigned card is not valid, but we can't get ours to resemble the real thing on that small shiny strip. Why is it still like this?


We, 'the advertising guys', are not about smooth talk. We dare to stick our necks out for anything we find promising. We hope you dare too. We are open to creative business models. Sharing risks, sharing profits, things like that. It's worth a discussion.

Who let the dog out?

A picture we took when visiting Portugal this summer. It's a dogs life when it comes to the Portugese economy now. Our guess is the terrace is not that big.

The fathers

The Catholic Church’s current reputation kills credibility for these 'fathers of love' and their elementary school and childcare centre. Tag lines are meant to add to the proposition.


For the most part, being creative is not about creating something completely new, with unlimited access to resources. It's about dealing with restraints and still coming up with something original and completely workable.

Super foolish

Brands, especially the premium ones, are expected to treat their customers with the utmost respect. What about that aggressive collar label of this Superdry t-shirt then? It has been itching all day. Time to reach for the scissors! Why do these brands sew in those super consumer-unfriendly labels? Think about it.



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